[Prism54-devel] Re: Prism54 - Patch for PCI id 1260:3886

Jarl Friis jarl at softace.dk
Wed Aug 25 20:11:00 UTC 2004

"I. Biesterfeld" <ib at ingob.de> writes:

> I read your following Post. I have the same Notebook Medion 41700 and
> the same Problems.
> Did you get the WLAN to work somehow ?

Yes, but unfortunately not with the prism54 driver, as I wrote in the
post I used the commercial driver wrapper from linuxant.

> It took me some time to make/compile the driver working but nothing
> happened. I read somewhere it is necessary to activate the wireless
> modul (in Windows by pressing the wireless button). For Linux there is
> an utility called acerhk wich is turning on the Wireless-LED and that
> *should* turn on the WLAN-Module as well.

Hmm, never considered that the hardware was disabled when I tried the
prism54 driver. I havn't tried that utility (acerhk), let me know if
you get it working.

> I did use the Firmware referenced by prism54.org and renamed it. In
> your Post you write about a seperate Firmware for the 1260:3886. What
> is your latest experience about the Frimware ?

I tried the one I could extract from the Windows driver, but it didn't
make any difference. I think the latest firmware (together with the
hardware) assumes a split between the firmware and the driver that is
much more driver centric (i.e. much more coding is needed in the
driver), and much less code is found in the firmware.

> Thanks for helping information in advance.

My pleasure.


> Greets from Hamburg,
> I.Biesterfeld
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> [Prism54-devel] Patch for PCI id 1260:3886
> Jarl Friis jarl at softace.dk
> Tue, 18 May 2004 15:30:42 +0200
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> mcgrof at ruslug.rutgers.edu (Luis R. Rodriguez) writes:
>> Not only do you need a new firmware but you need a new major rewrite of
>> this driver. We're still awaiting to hear from Conexant for specs/source
>> to see if we can start working on the new driver.
> I understand.=20
> However, if anybody is curious, I managed to extract the firmware from
> the PRISMA00.sys file, by following the steps illustrated on
> http://prism54.org/pipermail/prism54-devel/2004-February/000695.html
> I ended up the same dead end anyway,but with these numbers with
> firmware version in the .sys file.
> offset:0x09c0 =3D 2496
> size =3D 0x6e78 =3D 28280
> I have now saved the file as and with the patch I
> suggested previously I can load it by renaming it to 'isl3886', so I
> am ready to test. But as you say, Luis, I need support from the
> driver.
> If you can give me exact names of make and model for PCI/PCMCIA cards
> that contains PCIID 0280:3886 chip, I will consider donate some of
> these to you to speed up the development of the prism54 driver, until
> then I use the linuxant driverloader which seems to work without problems.
> Jarl
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E-mail: jarl at softace.dk

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