CERN TDC core (2011)


I developed an open source time-to-digital FPGA core for CERN in 2011. This core enables the implementation of many TDC channels with a precision of 52ps in a low-cost Spartan-6 FPGA. Source code and documentation are available from the OHWR page.

Breizh Entropy Congress (2010)

I launched the first edition of the Breizh Entropy Congress, held in Rennes in April 2010. This meeting brought together a few hundred people interested in DIY and open source.

Passionate individuals and non-profit organizations from the region of Rennes, Brittany, France invite you to participate in the first Breizh Entropy Congress. This inter-disciplinary event focuses on free (as in freedom) creations and culture. Through a meeting fostering open-mindedness, exchange of ideas and learning, we hope to show solutions to technical, social and political problems, and celebrate free, reclaimed and creative art and technology.

RT2501U/RT2571W Wi-Fi driver for ultra-embedded devices (2006)

This driver enables the use of the low-cost RT2501U/RT2571W SoftMAC Wi-Fi cards on platforms with very limited resources.

It is particularily well-suited for cost-sensitive consumer electronic devices. This driver has been used in mass production with the Nabaztag/tag devices (aka Nabaztag V2). Following the demise of Violet, the driver is now open source.


Typical environment

* taking a reasonable application into account. The driver itself uses 30kb Flash on ARM7 including an USB stack, a C library and debug features ; and RAM usage can be as low as 16kb, depending on application constraints.

Prism54 (2005-2006)

I have worked on the reverse engineering of the SoftMAC Wi-Fi chipsets from Intersil ("Prism54" chipsets), and used to be a maintainer of the website.

I have notably developed :

I have now discontinued works related to Prism54 ; and now links to p54, which is a more up-to-date driver for Linux and recommended for today's users. For archival purposes, the old project pages can be found here the mailing list archives are here : prism54-devel and prism54-users. Snapshots of the latest SVN revisions have been put here.