Nabaztag/tag sources released, with embedded WiFi driver

With the release of the Nabaztag/tag sources, I have uploaded to Github the part that corresponds to the WiFi driver that I wrote for Violet in 2006. It is here mainly if you want to add WiFi to your project, and is released “as is”. There is absolutely no support for it, since I have better things to do.

This driver enables the use of the low-cost RT2501U/RT2571W SoftMAC Wi-Fi cards on platforms with very limited resources.


  • Industry-proven
  • Written in C
  • High portability
  • Low memory footprint
  • Low CPU resource usage
  • Integrates 802.11-compatible stack
  • Supports Client (managed) mode
  • Supports Access point mode
  • Supports WEP
  • Supports WPA-PSK

Typical environment

  • 30MHz ARM7-based microcontroller
  • 64kb Flash
  • 64kb RAM
  • USB host controller (DMA-capable or with shared memory)
  • Any Wi-Fi card based on the Ralink RT2501U/RT2571W chipset
  • USB stack (not included)
  • TCP/IP stack (not included)

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