Milkymist software updates

Latest Flickernoise: 1.0RC1 – Latest SoC: 1.0 – Get the binaries here. See also upgrade instructions. This software will most probably come loaded in our run 3 devices (coming soon!), but can (and should) be used on all our previous devices as well.

Flickernoise changes:

  • Support for French language
  • Automatic update over the internet
  • Online patch pool
  • Keyboard shortcut: Meta key + arrows/enter to move/click the mouse
  • File dialog: search option
  • Simple performance mode options:
    • patch title display at patch switch
    • automatic patch switch after delay
    • L pushbutton for previous patch
  • Keyboard shortcuts to change video input parameters live in rendering mode:
    • F5/F6: brightness +/-
    • F7/F8: contrast +/-
  • Changed F8 “Start rendering” shortcut to F2
  • Changed F8 “Stop rendering” shortcut to ESC
  • MIDI variables
  • OpenSoundControl and IR patch configuration autobuild
  • MIDI and IR: remove capture button, always capture when window is open
  • Update and show system settings dialog box on resolution switch shortcut
  • Disable memory card automount

SoC changes:

  • Fixed RC5 sampling point
  • Fixed BT656CAP IRQ timing
  • Reset Ethernet PHY during BIOS startup
  • gdbstub: disable break on entering debug ROM

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