MilkDrop demo firmware running on Milkymist One

The bring-up of the Milkymist One board is going amazingly well and fast, and I am now pleased to announce that the demonstration firmware is able to render today the same MilkDrop presets as on the previous ML401 development board, in 640×480 at 25 frames per second.

PCB assembly

So far, the following PCB components have been successfully tested:

  • Power supply
  • FPGA
  • JTAG
  • LEDs and pushbuttons
  • NOR flash
  • AC97 audio
    • Internal microphone
    • Line out
    • Line in
    • Headphones amplifier
  • Ethernet
  • VGA video output

The following parts are waiting to be tested:

  • Video input
  • MIDI
  • DMX
  • USB
  • Memory card
  • Infrared receiver

If you are wondering how the boards are made, Adam has put online some pictures and comments here. Stay tuned! Bare, unpackaged boards (for interested FPGA or software developers) should be made available relatively soon…

By the way: I’m no big fan of Twitter, but you can follow @milkymistvj for project news.

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